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You pay us only after you have taken in a candidate. We help you find suitable resources from the candidates registered with our data bank. Our data bank has more than 2 lakhs candidates at different locations and with good education, communication skills.

At Shri harish consultancy we believe in maintaining strict confidentiality of our clients and their businesses. Unless expressly permitted by the client, the name of the client is not revealed on our websites. And, as a matter of principles we do not poach If the job vacancy can be filled up within a reasonable time frame we can publish and publicise the requirement. This will help in attracting more candidates.

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If you choose this option, then you will pay us an advance to meet the promotional cost of the campaign efforts. The advance paid by you is adjusted from the final payment, So don�t be hesitantable resources from the candidates registered with our data bank PLUS Expose your jobs to thousands of jobseekers by posting it on the web in the Featured jobs section on job searches in our site. Featured jobs are linked from our site and displayed on the internet for 40 days in an additional page.

To your surprise of surprises you will get resumes of short listed candidates without your having to go through the ordeal of removing the junk. We do it as a part of the package. Employers and HR Managers Please send us your requirements. Our data bank consists of candidates at different locations with multiple skills. Our charges are reasonable. And by the way, we do not Pouch for skills. They are available and registered with us. To Order Now Please Send an email request E-mail :paramasivam@shriharish.in ;shri911@bsnl.in

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